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Remember to ask if you'll get a FENSA Certificate

BB Building Services is a FENSA approved installer. FENSA is a government-authorised scheme that monitors building regulation compliance for replacement windows and doors. Every FENSA Approved Installer, from small local companies to large national brands, is assessed regularly by FENSA to ensure their standards are continually maintained.

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By using BB Building Services for your replacement windows and doors it means that, when the work is complete, you’ll get a FENSA certificate. This proves your installation complies with building regulations, is energy efficient, is registered with your local council, and verifies that our warranty is insured.

We are a carefully vetted company that is monitored through regular assessments to make sure our installation work continues to meet stringent guidelines.

A FENSA Certificate is all the proof you need that our work is compliant, registered, and professional.


Why else is a FENSA certificate so important? A building regulations compliance certificate is essential when selling your house. Solicitors will ask to see such proof.

When will I get my FENSA certificate? Your certificate will be posted to you within two weeks of us registering the completed job with FENSA.

What’s the risk of using a non-approved installation company? Not all installers comply with building regulations or register installations with the local council. If there are problems with the work carried out by a non-approved installer and you can’t get them to return and fix the issue, you may need to hire another installer to put things right.

Do most installers support their warranty with insurance? No. If you use a non-Approved Installer who goes out of business and you need something fixed that would have been covered by their warranty, they’re unlikely to have arranged warranty insurance which could cover the cost of remedial works even if they’re no longer trading.

Must my replacement windows and doors comply with building regs and be registered? Yes, compliance and registration are your responsibility.

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